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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Please join me at my New Blog site.

Dear Friends, Please continue to keep up with the Mommies and Beyond post. There seems to have been a link issue with my blog. We are actually now located at http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com/

I would love for my GFC friends to join me at the new location.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy Quilting International: Fabulous First-Timers #9

Crazy Quilting International: Fabulous First-Timers #9

Sunday, June 6, 2010

we are moving

WE ARE moving this blog to


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Herbalife Journey Shake 1

I embarked on my journey this afternnon with a great deal of excitement. Upon mixing my first shake which consisted of:
  • Herbalife Healthy Meal Nutitional Shake Mix Wild Berry flavor
  • Herbalige Protein Drink Mix
  • 8 0z. Skim milk
  • a lot of water.
My ititial thoughts on the taste and quality:
  • 3 year old taste the Strawberry tasting shake and comments' Hmm , taste like Pepsi "( everything is Pepsi except for milk.) 3 year old likes the Pepsi logo and therefore everything is Pepsi!
  • Upon first taste, My thought was that the Wild Berry shake does taste like Strawberry. It has a nice flavor. For a product that is packed with vitamins, there is not a vitamin after taste. A nice flavor is an added bonus compared to some of the "other" name brand meal replacement shakes.
  • Note to self: ICE ICE ICE. The shake would taste wonderful with ice as a smoothie.
  • I added a lot of water to attempt to get my daily requirement of water intake. I believe that I over-watered the product. I think even with this amount of water, it would taste great, providing that I thicken the shake. I have heard that Greek Yogurt would be a beneficial addition as would sugar free pudding mix.
  • There is a lot of potential with this product.
Overall, I give the product a thumbs up review!  There are many ways to dress up the Herbalife while remaining in my estimated caloric intake. I enjoyed the Herbalife Shake/Dinner #1.

Herbalife has three core products. I will begin my adventure slowly and then build up.

** SHhhh I am $76.59 in. I must produce results to keep this wonderful product and life changing personal challenge and journey justifiable.

***** I have purchased the Herbalife Healthy Nutritional Shake Mix and Protein Drink Mix on my accord and without Herbalife Sponsorship or advertisement.( although Sponsorship and sample products would be an appealing and acceptable offer). The opinions stated are my true and honest opinion based upon my personal experience.

Photos compliments of Herbalife.


Friendship Sticks

Celebrate the upcoming Friendship day( June 8) and the end of the school year by creating a fantastic friendship necklace for your best friend(s) or your entire classroom. The picture features a necklace that has been panted  with six colors, one for each letter in the word friend. As an option, you could use a different color for each letter in your friends name. This is a fun and easy craft project.Friendship Sticks Necklace Project
Photo and project idea compliments of http://familyfun.go.com/

New Journey

 I am about to embark on an amazing new journey in my weight loss efforts. I have been there done that with a variety of diets, tricks, fads a college weight training class ( + 2 pounds) in the summer of 2009 and even administering my very own Byetta Diabetes medication injections twice a day for a weight loss experiment with very little results.(-10 pounds after 8 months and $$$)

 I finally  experienced a bit of success with the South Beach Diet. I had a whopping 60 pound loss. I was so excited and pleased with my results. After a while I switched to the next phase and thought that I would stay there to avoid a plateau.

Advance one 1, 200 mile move away from all of my family and friends and add a nice hearty Midwestern winter. I found myself enjoying the beautiful scenery of the midwest with a much thicker middle. My very first Michigan winter awarded me a 37 pound weight gain. I was shocked at my first step back on the scale. What was I thinking to allow a 37 pound comfort zone? Talk about fat and sassy!

I returned to a "modified" version of the South Beach Diet. I am now at a -12 pound loss. My Midwestern home-cooking winter bound scale now reads at a + 25 pound post South Beach Diet weight.

 I recently learned of the wonderful Herbalife program. While attending a soccer game, I noticed another soccer mom that I had to take a double-take to recongnize. She began the Herbalife program approximatley 5 months ago with a -59 pound weight loss to date. She looks amazing and feels so much better. Boy was I intrigued.

Today will begin my Herbalife program. Sunday will be my official start date. Today, I will sample my first meal replacement shake for my dinner. I am really excited to get my weight loss underway. Wish me luck. I invite you to join me along my journey and perhaps begin your very own. I will have a body scan on Wednesday to see the cold hard truth "magical numbers" that will tell me where my BMI stands, My lean ( ha, lol, me + the word lean) muscle percentage and necessary fat, bones, cartilage and so forth. My true estimated healthy weight will be revealed.

Photo compliments of : Amas Ben-Arie@ http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pinqo_The_Cat_In_A_Basket.jpg

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tons of Trucks

Do you have a toddler that loves transportation and vehicles? If you can answer yes, here is a terrific day trip for your wee one.
The 6th annual Tons of Trucks event - hop into the driver's seat of a police car, a giant backhoe and even a fire truck. Read more.

Photo compliments of Robert Pernell | Dreamstime.com

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